Andrographis paniculata Extract

Botanical name: Andrographis paniculata

Common name: Andrographis Extract

Standardized for: Andrographolides by HPLC

Our Andrographis paniculata Range

  • NLT 10% Andrographolides by HPLC
  • NLT 20% Andrographolides by HPLC
  • NLT 50% Andrographolides by HPLC

Structure of L-DOPA
Key Health Benefits

  • Scientifically validated for its potential use in the management of Healthy Liver. 
  • Clinically proven for management of upper respiratory tract infections and common cold.
  • Well recognized for its Immunomodulatory and Anti-viral potential including COVID. 


Mechanism of Action

Liver Health: Andrographolides’s hepatoprotective protection function may be attributed to its ability to improve the reparative and regenerative potential of the affected liver by normalizing the liver enzymes SGOT, SGPT, Bilurubin, ALT, Total Cholesterol etc. and increasing the various antioxidant levels such as SOD and CAT.

Anti-viral Potential : Andrographis extract and Andrographolides has demonstrated significant anti-viral potential against a host of viruses. It is reported to target multiple antiviral pathways of viral attachment, replication, and host-pathogen interactions

It work at different stages of Viral Infection Pathway that include

1. Inhibiting entry of the virus inside the cell.

2. Inhibiting replication of genetic material

3. Inhibiting expression of Viral proteins

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