Moringa oleifera Extract / Moringa oleifera Powder

Botanical name: Moringa oleifera

Common name: Moringa

Standardized for: Proteins by Kjeldahl Method

Our Moringa Range

Moringa oleifera leaf Powder

  • NLT 10% Protein by Kjeldahl

Moringa oleifera leaf Extract

  • NLT 20% Protein by Kjeldahl

Moringa Seed Extract

  • NLT 60% Protein by Kjeldahl

Key Health Benefits

  • Well recognized Protein supplement and high nutritional value
  • A good nutritional source for both Macro and Micronutrients
  • Has good potential for managing healthy blood sugar levels.


Mechanism of Action

High glucose in blood enters glycolysis in themitochondria of beta cells, which leads to the generation of ROS. This reactive oxygen free radicals cause apoptosis of beta cellswhich leadsto decreased insulin secretion, hyperglycemia and eventually leading to Type-2 diabetic conditions.Antioxidants in Moringa were proposed to scavenge ROS and thus help prevent damage of Beta Cells and manage healthy blood sugar levels and provide other associated health benefits.

Other proposed mechanism include

  • Normalization of the gene expressionsof enzymes involved in glucose metabolism resulting in the restoration of liver glycolytic activityand glycogen storage
  • Reducing gluconeogenesis
  • Improving insulinsignaling
  • Delayed gastric emptying can also improve glycemic control in the postprandial state which could be related to the high fiber content in the MO leaves.
  • Inhibition ofintestinal glucose uptake
  • Inhibition of glucose transporter proteins in cell membranes by flavonoid glycosides

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